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What’s Happening Today: Classes / Workshops

Tai Chi Morning Workout

Zach Ma's Tai Chi classes appeal to both beginners & experts to help reduce stress & improve overall health.

Mar 3rd through Mar 31st
Bldg C, Room C-260

Bay Mountain Wing Tsun Kung Fu & Escrima

Study effective, natural, martial arts for inner growth, health & relaxation.

Mar 5th through Mar 26th
Bldg C

Zen & Tao Kung Fu

Martial arts, physical conditioning, internal exercise & meditation

Mar 3rd through Mar 31st
Bldg C

Facebook F8 Developer Conference 2015

Facebook's Developer Conference expands to two days & resumes an annual physical presence at Fort Mason Center.

Mar 25th through Mar 26th
Fort Mason Center

The Interval At Long Now: Bar, Cafe & Museum

On Tuesday, March 24, Lewis Dartnell discusses The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World From Scratch. The Interval at Long Now is an inspiring venue for conversations & delicious drinks.

Mar 23rd through Dec 31st
The Interval At Long Now Bar, Cafe & Museum, Bldg A

Blue Bear School of Music: Winter 2015

Study music in many ways -- private & group instruction in rock, jazz, blues, reggae & other popular music styles. Instrument & voice, all ages & levels, day & evening programs.

Jan 12th through Apr 2nd
Blue Bear School of Music, Bldg D

Young Performers Theatre Arts Academy: Spring 2015

Yougn Performers Theatre offers acting classes for ages three-and-one-half to 15 years old.

Feb 2nd through May 2nd
Young Performers Theatre, Bldg C

Museo Italo Americano March 2015 Events on Italian Culture

The Museo offers a wide variety of cultural events in March 2015!

Mar 5th through Mar 26th
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg C

Cheuk Fung Yi Chuan Kung Fu

Study with Master Cheuk Fung, who has more than 50 years of experience in martial arts, meditation & healing

Mar 3rd through Mar 31st
Bldg C, Room C-362