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What’s Happening Today: Community

Magic Theatre: Every Five Minutes (World Premiere)

A simple homecoming dinner takes a fantastical turn as Mo slips into a dreamscape that even those closest to him can’t imagine

Mar 26th through Apr 20th
Magic Theatre, Bldg D

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library: Spring Book Sale

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library's Spring Book Sale features more than 250,000 books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, vinyl & other forms of media. EVERYTHING is $3 or less & on Sunday, all remaining items are $1 each

Apr 15th through Apr 20th
Festival Pavilion

Slices of Life, California: Composite Photographs on Canvas, Photography by Michael Smith-Heimer

An exhibit of large-format images that capture broad "slices" of the visual environment. These photographic images are composites, merging as many as 40 images in scenes that portray large, sweeping views of locations

Jan 27th through Apr 30th
Main Office, Bldg A

Tai Chi Morning Workout

Zach Ma's Tai Chi classes appeal to both beginners & experts to help reduce stress & improve overall health

Apr 1st through Apr 29th
Bldg C, Room C-260

Bay Mountain Wing Tsun Kung Fu & Escrima

Effective, natural, martial arts for inner growth, health & relaxation

Apr 3rd through Apr 24th
Bldg C

Generation Theatre: The Provoked Wife

A classic comedy written by Sir John Vanbrugh in 1697, The Provoked Wife reflects upon marriage, fidelity, women & romance

Apr 17th through May 4th
Southside Theater, Bldg D

San Francisco Childrens Art Center: Spring 2014

Art classes for children ages 22 months to 10 years old

Mar 17th through Jun 1st
Children's Art Center, Bldg C

Young Performers Theatre Arts Academy: Spring 2014

Acting classes for ages three-and-one-half to 15 years old

Feb 11th through May 3rd
Young Performers Theatre, Bldg C

Museo ItaloAmericano -- Contextere: Works by Alan Shepp & Giampietro Cudin

This exhibit features the sculpture of Italian-American artist Alan Shepp & multi-media paintings by Italian artist Giampietro (Gianni) Cudin

Feb 7th through Apr 27th
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg C

Thursdays At Readers Poetry Series

Readers Bookstore is the place to be to hear poetry & lots of it. Thursday, April 10 features Silvi Alcivar & Jorge Argueta

Apr 3rd through Apr 24th
Readers Bookstore, Bldg C

SFMOMA Artists Gallery: Daniel Grant, Rachelle Reichert

SFMOMA Artists Gallery presents an exhibit of photography & graphite drawings by two local artists

Mar 8th through Apr 17th
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Bldg A

San Francisco Owners Under Rent Control Workshop

Join the Law Offices of Bornstein & Bornstein & Bay Property Group for an eye-opening look into the opportunities & pitfalls of managing properties within San Francisco Rent Control requirements

Apr 17th
Conference Center, Golden Gate Room, Bldg A

The Mexican Museum

The Mexican Museum voices the complexity & richness of Latino art throughout the Americas, encouraging dialogue among the broadest public

Sep 11th through Aug 17th
The Mexican Museum, Bldg D