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What’s Happening Today: Community

Tai Chi Morning Workout

Zach Ma's Tai Chi classes appeal to both beginners & experts to help reduce stress & improve overall health

Aug 5th through Aug 28th
Bldg C, Room C-260

Bay Mountain Wing Tsun Kung Fu & Escrima

Effective, natural, martial arts for inner growth, health & relaxation

Aug 7th through Aug 28th
Bldg C

Thursdays At Readers Poetry Series

Readers Bookstore is the place to be to hear poetry & lots of it

Aug 7th through Aug 28th
Readers Bookstore, Bldg C

Slices of Life, California: Composite Photographs on Canvas, Photography by Michael Smith-Heimer

An exhibit of large-format images that capture broad "slices" of the visual environment. These photographic images are composites, merging as many as 40 images in scenes that portray large, sweeping views of locations

Jan 27th through Aug 31st
Main Office, Bldg A

San Francisco Childrens Art Center: Summer 2014

Art classes for children ages 22 months to 10 years old

Jun 9th through Aug 24th
Children's Art Center, Bldg C

BATS Improv: Adult Summer Sessions

Join BATS' world-class coaches for in-depth excursions into the wonders of BATS-style improvisation

Jul 31st through Aug 31st
Bayfront Theater, Bldg B

The Interval At Long Now: Bar, Cafe & Museum

The Interval at Long Now is an inspiring venue for great conversations & delicious drinks

Jun 15th through Dec 31st
The Interval At Long Now Bar, Cafe & Museum, Bldg A

SFMOMA Artists Gallery -- How the Light Gets In: Bay Area Photo & Pauletta Chanco: Living on Shifting Sands

SFMOMA Artists Gallery presents two exhibits -- a photography group show & a painter's showcase, both featuring local artists

Jul 19th through Aug 21st
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Bldg A

SFMOMA Artists Gallery: Open Show SF

Open Show is a global movement of live events where the public can see compelling work & interact directly with photographers, filmmakers & multimedia producers in high-profile spaces

Aug 21st
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Bldg A

The Mexican Museum: La Cocina: The Culinary Treasures of Rosa Covarrubias

The Mexican Museum voices the complexity & richness of Latino art throughout the Americas, encouraging dialogue among the broadest public

May 14th through Jan 18th
The Mexican Museum, Bldg D