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What’s Happening Today: Community

Greens Restaurant

Enjoy dinner, lunch, brunch & private events at the acclaimed gourmet vegetarian eatery Greens Restaurant, featuring seasonal menus from Executive Chef Annie Somerville

Jan 1st through Dec 31st
Greens Restaurant, Bldg A

Tai Chi Morning Workout

Zach Ma's Tai Chi classes appeal to both beginners & experts to help reduce stress & improve overall health.

Mar 3rd through Mar 31st
Bldg C, Room C-260

Zen & Tao Kung Fu

Martial arts, physical conditioning, internal exercise & meditation

Mar 3rd through Mar 31st
Bldg C

Slices of Life, California: Composite Photographs on Canvas, Photography by Michael Smith-Heimer

An exhibit of large-format images that capture broad "slices" of the visual environment. These photographic images are composites, merging as many as 40 images in scenes that portray large, sweeping views of locations

Jan 2nd through Apr 30th
Main Office, Bldg A

The Interval At Long Now: Bar, Cafe & Museum

On Tuesday, April 7, Jonathon Keats at The Interval discusses "Envisioning Deep Time." The event includes a book sale & signing for Keats' books, Virtual Words: Language on the Edge of Science & Technology & Forged: Why Fakes Are the Great Art of Our Age.

Mar 23rd through Dec 31st
The Interval At Long Now Bar, Cafe & Museum, Bldg A

Magic Theatre: Sister Play

Magic Theatre is one of the stops for the rolling world premiere of John Kolvenbach's hearbreaking family comedy.

Mar 25th through Apr 19th
Magic Theatre, Bldg D

Museo Italo Americano -- Primo Angeli: A Retrospective

Now extended through May 17! The Museo presents a retrospective exhibit of San Francisco design legend Primo Angeli. On display are celebratory posters, logo designs & packaging art that demonstrate Angeli’s imprint on the SF landscape.

Dec 5th through May 17th
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg C

Blue Bear School of Music: Winter 2015

Study music in many ways -- private & group instruction in rock, jazz, blues, reggae & other popular music styles. Instrument & voice, all ages & levels, day & evening programs.

Jan 12th through Apr 2nd
Blue Bear School of Music, Bldg D

Young Performers Theatre Arts Academy: Spring 2015

Yougn Performers Theatre offers acting classes for ages three-and-one-half to 15 years old.

Feb 2nd through May 2nd
Young Performers Theatre, Bldg C

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library: Spring Book Sale

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library's Spring Book Sale features more than 250,000 books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, vinyl & other forms of media. EVERYTHING is $3 or less & on Sunday, all remaining items are $1 each.

Mar 31st through Apr 5th
Festival Pavilion

SFMOMA Artists Gallery -- Susan Goldsmith, Kay Kang, David Kuraoka

SFMOMA Artists Gallery presents paintings by Susan Goldsmith & Kay Kang & ceramics by David Kuraoka.

Mar 11th through Apr 16th
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Bldg A

Long Now Seminar On Long-Term Thinking -- Paul Saffo: The Creator Economy

According to futurist Paul Saffo, the new economy is arriving late & in utterly unexpected ways. Social media, maker culture, the proliferation of sensors & even the 2008 market crash are merely local phenomena in a much larger shift.

Mar 31st
Cowell Theater

First Take Acting Program

Study a holistic approach to acting with Nancy Berwid

Mar 3rd through Mar 31st
Bldg C, Room C-235