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What’s Happening : Lectures / Seminars / Conferences

California Lawyers For the Arts: Gallery Representation

Explore the mechanics of principal-agent agreements that underlie most artist-gallery representation contracts, as well as the ins & outs of contracts covering time-limited consignments of artwork

Jun 15th
California Lawyers for the Arts, Bldg C

Spirit Repair Healing Workshop

Advanced healing workshop conducted by Australian healer, Master John Douglas, encompassing precise techniques that create positive change, healing & evolution for mind, body & spirit

Jun 5th
Bldg C, Room C-362

Long Now Lecture: Carl Zimmer Presents "Viral Time"

The frontier of biology these days is the genetics & ecology of bacteria & the frontier of THAT is what's being learned about viruses. Science journalist Carl Zimmer discusses his new book, A Planet of Viruses -- the best introduction to the subject

Jun 7th
Cowell Theater

National Council For Geocosmic Research: Are You Male or Female?

The astrology of dominance, submission & the myth of gender

Jun 17th
Bldg C, Room C-370

San Francisco Aquarium Society Meeting

Have you ever owned a fish tank or knew someone who did? Or wanted to but never knew where to start? Look no further. You're invited to join us at our monthly meetings & perhaps you'll find yourself wanting to become a member by next month

Jun 3rd
Bldg C, Room C-370

The NextGEN Science Fair 2011

Discover the latest green, organic, biotech, artisan, design, app, gaming & technology consumer products

Jun 19th
Fleet Room, Bldg D

We Draw the Lines: Public Hearing for New Redistricting Maps

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission holds a public input meeting about draft redistricting maps for state Congressional, Assembly, Senate & Board of Equalization districts

Jun 27th
Cowell Theater