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What’s Happening : Highlights

Magic Theatre: Bruja

Luis Alfaro re-imagines Euripedes' Medea in contemporary times

May 24th through Jul 1st
Magic Theatre, Bldg D

Evolve ... a woman's journey

Evolve is a uniquely powerful exhibition, consisting of life-size photography, sculptures, mixed media & audio/music, which propel the viewer into the lives of women as they create life.

Jun 21st through Jul 1st
Festival Pavilion

Museo ItaloAmericano: Italian Americans At Bat -- From Sandlots to the Major Leagues

Museo Italo Americano presents a documentary exhibit honoring the contributions of Italian Americans to “America’s favorite pastime”

Jun 22nd through Nov 25th
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg C

SFMOMA Artists Gallery -- The Golden Span: A Celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, this exhibit features work about the bridge & the bay by more than a dozen local painters & photographers

May 26th through Jun 28th
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Bldg A

Golden Gate Variations

Photographic images explore the multifarious nature of the Golden Gate Bridge

May 23rd through Jun 29th
Bldg C

The Mexican Museum: The Tequila Don Julio Collection

The Mexican Museum voices the complexity and richness of Latino art throughout the Americas

Sep 23rd through Aug 5th
The Mexican Museum, Bldg D

The Mexican Museum: Caras/Cuentos ~ Faces/Stories

Exhibit of work from the Museum's collection focusing on portraiture in Latino, Chicano & Latin American cultures

May 24th through Jan 6th
The Mexican Museum, Bldg D