BATS Improv: Improvised Downton Abbey

Presented By

BATS Improv

Through Sep 28th

Celebrate the return of Downton Abbey to PBS TV with characters inspired by the cast of the hit series performed by BATS Improv at Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture. Discover secrets, rivalries, romance, and scandal as the nobility and their servants frolic at a grand old British estate that has seen better days as the Roaring Twenties descend on a world too accustomed to delicacy and restraint.

Scramble to keep up with multiple twisty plot turns as the lords, ladies, and ubiquitous, devious servitors of Edwardian England hide amidst the gardens, scullery, and greenery to spy on their betters and everyone else. Both the gentry and the hired help stir up all sorts of genteel, disastrous trouble on a faltering estate best known for its fading grandeur and reminiscent portrayal of days gone bye bye.

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