BATS Improv: Musicals Two-Night

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BATS Improv

Audience suggestions play the main roles in BATS Improv’s Musicals Two-Night production at Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture. The BATS Improv Main Stage Company members can improvise singing, dancing, music, lighting, and all the elements needed for a great musical, but they need fresh ideas from the on-lookers to pull it all together in a spontaneous fashion. The audience is in charge of musical genres, motivations, and whether first improvised words are spoken or sung.

Any and all suggestions are welcome — from staging to concepts, characters, plots, locations, time periods, and more. Should there be singing in the rain or fantasies such as witches, talking animals, or cavorting nuns? How about the absurdity of Monty Python skits or serious feuds between the Mods and the Rockers or the Sharks and the Jets? Even film noir can become a musical as happy cast members improvise tunes about murder for hire or autopsy hijinx. Each evening offers two unique, improvised musicals created by BATS Improv and audience members.

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