The Racket by Quixote Games

Come Out & Play San Francisco 2016

Presented By

Come Out & Play & Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Through Nov 19th

The Racket” is a neo-noir game from Quixote Games that involves back-room deals, black markets, and assorted thuggery to determine who ends up with the most cash on Friday and Saturday, November 18 and November 19, 8:00-10:00 p.m. at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

Join the party, which resembles the opening scene of a classic noir film with dames, gangsters, card sharks, con artists, and other classic characters. Cocktail attire adds to the festivities and helps the usual suspects plot to score the most dough and make a clean getaway.

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture hosts this game as part of the “Come Out and Play” festival of games played in public spaces, which runs from September 10 – November 20. The festival features more than 25 different games by 10-plus game producers, including FREE game events held during the day and in the evening. More details HERE.

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