KQED Emergency Funds For Freelancers & Creatives Losing Income During Coronavirus

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KQED has compiled a master list of artist relief funds and grant sources.

With the passing of AB-5, California moved to extend employee protections to freelancers this year, but many creative professionals still work for themselves and don’t have typical salaried-worker safety nets like extended sick leave. Some self-employed people will not qualify for unemployment insurance, particularly artists who rely on informal, direct cash payments or practice without a business license.

With those challenges in mind, KQED rounded up a list of mutual aid funds that distribute emergency grants to artists, creative professionals, and freelancers facing financial hardships. Most of these funds also accept donations — many of which are tax deductible — from those among us who are more fortunate and looking to help. KQED encourages direct donations to local communities of low-income artists, service workers, and freelancers via PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo.