Third Plateau Webinar Series

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Organizational Crisis-Response Webinar Series

Please access this resource at www.ThirdPlateau.com/stepping-up-in-uncertainty. Who could have imagined a world in which everyone works from home, schools are closed, and hospitals might not have sufficient supplies to meet the basic medical needs of the sick? For every organization, the rapid shift in your day-to-day operating reality requires clear-eyed assessments and rapid response to meet the needs of your community.

Our team is leveraging our crisis-response experience from Afghanistan, Iraq, and various natural disasters and translating best practices to help non-profits develop systems and strategies to respond, mitigate, and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Through a dynamic, actionable, and get-to-the-point, four-part webinar series; learn the four key things every organization needs to focus on in order to navigate this pandemic crisis.