A Game Of Love & Chance

Presented By

Generation Theatre

Through Dec 9th

Join Generation Theatre for a new translation and adaptation of Marivaux’s 18th-century classic, A Game Of Love & Chance (Le jeu de l’amour et du hazard) at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. Generation Theatre’s multitalented R. David Valayre translated The Game Of Love & Chance, directs the play, and stars as a pivotal character, Rabbi Sassoon. Valayre’s new translation takes advantage of the comedic elements of nervous betrothed couples concerned about arranged marriages by transporting the action into the world of Judaism.

When an engaged couple are set to meet for the first time, the bride-to-be switches roles with her servant and disguises herself in order to find out more about her fiance without his knowledge. However, the erstwhile groom concocts a similar scheme and trades places with his valet, also dressing like a servant. Hilarity and high anxiety ensue as the mistaken and hidden identities reveal family and marital pressures and dynamics. Generation Theatre’s intrepid cast brings Marivaux’s lively tale to life in this delightful new production.

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