Magic Theatre: Say Their Names Tribute

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Magic Theatre

Magic Theatre has created a special edition of its Far Apart Art podcast to remember and honor the lives of African Americans lost to violence and racism. Following in the spirit of the #SayTheirNames hashtag, the African American Policy Forum, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and the Black Lives Matter network, Magic asked members of their family of actors to participate in reciting the names of the lost ones in a call-and-response format.

Listeners are free to also say the names during the audio tribute, or to write down unknown names and research them later on to find out what happened to them. Playwright Aleshea Harris has created meaningful rituals for anyone who would like to add more to the remembrances.

Magic family members who contributed their voices to this project include: Rinabeth Apostol, Safiya Fredericks, Rod Gnapp, Sarah Nina Hayon, Sara Huddleston, Steven Anthony Jones, Adrian Roberts, and Leigh Rondon-Davis.

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