Pao-Chang Tsai

San Francisco International Arts Festival 2018

Presented By

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture & SFIAF

Through Jun 2nd

Internationally recognized new media and performance artist Pao-Chang Tsai delivers a unique, technology-immersed production, Solo Date, at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. Solo Date follows the struggles of Ho-Nien as he attempts to resurrect his deceased lover through artificial intelligence, social media, and immersive environments. Pao-Chang Tsai’s story is elegantly told, innovative, and moving. However, Solo Date ignites disturbing ideas about death, human loss, need, loneliness, longing, desire, and the ethics and morality of exploiting interactive technologies to fill emotional and physical voids.

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC) hosts this production by Pao-Chang Tsai as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival, which runs from May 24, 2018 to June 3, 2018 exclusively at FMCAC. The Festival features more than 60 performances by close to 40 different artists, ensembles, and companies. Get discounts on tickets to see multiple shows at the Festival by buying a Festival pass. More details HERE.

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