TigerBear Productions At Magic Theatre — GhostRave: An Indigiqueer Immersive Opera

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TigerBear Productions At Magic Theatre

Nov 9th Through Nov 19th

Join TigerBear Productions for GhostRave: An Indigiqueer Immersive Opera at Magic Theatre, Building D, at Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture.

Once again, Coyote the Trickster is up to no good. Trying to cast a spell, he accidentally summons Zique, a nonbinary half-Lakota bike messenger, from a South of Market club in 1990 San Francisco to 1890 Western Nevada and the middle of a Ghost Dance — a new Paiute ceremony Coyote has not seen before. When Coyote tries to send Zique back to his own time and space, he misses the mark by 200 years.

GhostRave unfolds — for Coyote, Zique, a cast of Native and indigenous characters both real and unreal, and for the audience — as an immersive operatic adventure that breaks all the rules — of dance floors, spacetime, indigeneity, genderqueerness, opera, and theater.

A limited number of tickets are available for each performance — patrons are welcome to sit, stand, and dance. GhostRave is a new, original experience coming alive in a workshop production from TigerBear, the creative production team that brought the immersive kink chamber opera Unbound to Palm Springs, CA and the award-winning Deal With The Dragon to Magic Theatre.

Please Note: This production contains electronic music, haze effects, flashing lights, and scent design.


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