Vator Splash Health, Wellness & Wearables

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Vator Splash Health

Mar 23rd @ 7:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Vator Splash Health, Wellness & Wearables business conference has lined up leading healthtech-startup CEOs and founders to help investors and entrepreneurs better understand which areas of healthcare are ripe for investment–and those that are overblown with hype.

The conference will feature Martin Varsavsky, Founder & CEO of Prelude Fertility; attendees will be able to ask Martin how and why he raised $200 million in a Series A for his startup.

Vator Splash Health, Wellness & Wearables will also welcome Mario Schlosser, Founder & CEO of Oscar Health–they’ve raised $725 million in venture capital.

Also in attendance will be J.Craig Venter, PHD Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Human Longevity, which has raised $300 million in financing.

Vator Splash Health, Wellness & Wearables will also feature some of the most prolific healthtech investors: Founders Fund Partner Brian Singerman; Steve Jurvetson, Partner at DFJ; Lynne Chou, Partner at Kleiner Perkins; and many more.

The Fort Mason for Arts & Culture network can use “fortmason15” as the code to get a 15% discount when registering: http://bit.ly/2k5OLp0

This drops the ticket price below to $233.75 15% off General admission’s price of $275, and a savings of $291.25 from the $525 general admission on the “day of”.

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