Art & Architecture of Sicily Lecture Series

Presented By

Museo Italo Americano

Every Tuesday

Museo Italo Americano conducts a four-week, Tuesday evening lecture series on “The Art & Architecture of Italy,” in preparation for the Museo’s guided tour, “Easter In Enchanting Sicily,” March 17-30, 2016. History professor and tour leader Douglas Kenning delivers the illustrated lectures.

The lecture series begins on February 2, 7:00 p.m. with “The Greek Golden Age (735-212 BCE): The Modern Language of Art and Architecture Is Born.” The series continues on February 9 with “Hellenistic and Roman Art (2 BCE-4 CE): Classicism Matures and Becomes the Standard Western Artistic Language.”

On February 16, Kenning comments on “Arabo-Norman Art (1061-1250 CE): The Language of Classicism is Revived By Influences From the East, Leading to a Second Golden Age.” The series concludes on February 23 with “Baroque Art (1600-1750 CE): Classicism Meets Nature, Becomes Florid, Then Evolves Back Into the Formalism of Neo-Classicism.”


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