Quattro Storie Exhibit

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Museo Italo Americano

The Museo Italo Americano presents “Quattro Storie” (“Four Stories”), an exhibit featuring the works three painters and one sculptor, all of Italian origin.

The shows includes Adriano Castelli’s pencil and pigment drawings, watercolors and pastels, and oil on canvas paintings. Castelli resides in Asola, Italy and explores mystical and spiritual themes through the application of light and symbolism.

Another native Italian, Stefano Spagnoli of Parma, is inspired by the vibrant colors and geometric shapes in the paintings of Paul Klee. He also incorporates concepts from Edwin Abbott’s mathematical and satirical novel: Flatland.

Bay Area-based painter Paulette Perone Long explores the connections between water, visual elements partially obscured by drapery, and hidden emotions in her abstract paintings. For “Qauattro Storie,” Perone Long displays a five-year retrospective of three recent projects: “Veiling/Unveiling,” “Divining Water,” and “Italian Paintings.”

While Manhattan-born sculptor Michael Rizza, now Bay Area-based, draws inspiration from nature to express his inner visions in semi-abstract works in a variety of media, primarily stone and cast bronze.

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