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Embark Gallery

Through Dec 5th

Embark Gallery presents an exhibit of artworks that resonate with the technology explosion reverberating throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

For this exhibition, Embark selected artworks that respond to the technological explosion especially prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area. An obsession with innovation pervades the Bay Area’s contemporary environment. Is this reverence towards progress positive or are there malignant implications? How does this and the advent of new technologies affect contemporary art practices?

Artworks selected use technology in new and surprising ways, and address a variety of subjects from displacement in the Silicon Valley, to the isolation of the contemporary digital world. Artists in the exhibition include Paulina Berczynski (the California College of the Arts, CCA), Irene Chou (CCA), Cy Keener (Stanford University), J Kung Dreyfus (CCA), Heather Murphy (CCA), Christopher Nickel (Stanford), and Randy Sarafan, San Francisco State University. The opening reception is Friday, October 23, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

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