FMCAC Residents in the News: Jack Black & Blue Bear’s School Of Rock Celebrate

Jack Black & Blue Bear School Of Rock Celebrate Blue Bear’s 50th Anniversary

From Dr. Steven Savage at Blue Bear: “Phase 1 of our Jack Black project is done! The link here is the full song video of him with our teen all-star band.  Stay to the end to hear his shoutout to the band and the school. And below the link is his quote for us. Pretty great. Next up is a true anniversary video that will take clips from this but really celebrate the mission and history of the school.”

 “A good friend of mine (Paul Cummins) told me about Blue Bear and the incredible work they’ve been doing. I jumped at the chance to celebrate their 50th anniversary by jamming some Bowie with their teen all-star band. So fun. What an honor. They’ve been teaching kids to rock since 1971! I love Blue Bear… the original school of rock!!!”  

— Jack Black (actor, rocker, video game enthusiast and star of School Of Rock, High Fidelity, and many more films)