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What’s Happening This Week: Highlights

FORT MASON CENTER PRESENTS: Dances of the Sacred & Profane

Fulbright Fellow Mark Foehringer teams up with visual/media artist & MacArthur Fellow Camille Utterback to present the world premiere of Dances of the Sacred & Profane

Sep 13th through Sep 21st
Cowell Theater

Magic Theatre: Bad Jews

Religious & secular relatives battle Old Testament-style

Sep 10th through Oct 5th
Magic Theatre, Bldg D

Fridays At Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center (OtG:FMC)

Visit artist-in-residence Nigel Sussman any Friday in September! Music on Friday, September 19 -- DJ Kirk Harper (5:00-8:00 p.m.) & Big Blu Soul Revue (8:00-10:00 p.m.). OtG:FMC has more than 30 vendors, retro signage, music & more

Sep 19th through Oct 31st
Fort Mason Center

Thursdays At Readers Poetry Series

Readers Bookstore is the place to be to hear poetry & lots of it

Sep 4th through Sep 25th
Readers Bookstore, Bldg C

Small Business Expo 2014 -- San Francisco

San Francisco's largest business-to-business trade show, conference & networking event

Sep 18th
Fort Mason Center

Slices of Life, California: Composite Photographs on Canvas, Photography by Michael Smith-Heimer

An exhibit of large-format images that capture broad "slices" of the visual environment. These photographic images are composites, merging as many as 40 images in scenes that portray large, sweeping views of locations

Jan 27th through Sep 30th
Main Office, Bldg A

Museo Italo Americano -- Natural Expressions: Works by Alberto Cristini, Vincent Galassi & John Malveto

The Museo presents the works of three Italian & Italian American artists

Aug 22nd through Nov 23rd
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg C

The Interval At Long Now: Bar, Cafe & Museum

On Tuesday, September 23, learn about The Future Declassified from intelligence analyst & advisor Mathew Burrows. The Interval at Long Now is an inspiring venue for great conversations & delicious drinks

Sep 2nd through Dec 31st
The Interval At Long Now Bar, Cafe & Museum, Bldg A

Museo Italo Americano Lina Wertmuller Film Series

Thursday night screenings of three films by director Lina Wertmuller

Sep 18th through Oct 16th
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg C

BATS Improv: Improvised Game of Thrones

Treachery, murder, war, romance & more as BATS Improv creates a spontaneous sword & sorcery epic

Sep 19th through Sep 20th
Bayfront Theater, Bldg B

And the Whole World Stops

And the Whole World Stops is a series of video landscapes & a visual story of colliding worlds -- simultaneously dirge & paean to open space & collapsing systems

Sep 21st

San Francisco Craft Spirits Carnival Grand Tasting

A celebration of hand-crafted, ultra-premium spirits

Sep 20th through Sep 21st
Festival Pavilion

BATS Improv Students: Performing Improvised Movies

Student Showcases feature an ensemble of BATS students who have been training together on performing a specific genre or format

Sep 7th through Sep 21st
Bayfront Theater, Bldg B

SFMOMA Artists Gallery -- Willard Dixon, Chiyomi Longo, Anthony Delgado

SFMOMA Artists Gallery presents paintings by Willard Dixon & Chiyomi Longo with photography by Anthony Delgado

Sep 6th through Oct 23rd
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Bldg A

National Council For Geocosmic Research: The Moon & Dependency

Learn to break into a new emotional life with a full-day workshop featuring Paris-based astrologer, Lynn Bell, on "The Moon & Dependency"

Sep 20th
Bldg C, Room C-210

Fort Mason Center Farmers' Market

Shop for organic golden raspberries, apples, spicy peppers, melons, & heirloom tomatoes

Sep 14th through Nov 16th
Fort Mason Center

The Mexican Museum: La Cocina: The Culinary Treasures of Rosa Covarrubias

The Mexican Museum voices the complexity & richness of Latino art throughout the Americas, encouraging dialogue among the broadest public

May 14th through Jan 18th
The Mexican Museum, Bldg D

Young Performers Theatre: James & the Giant Peach

The amazing adventures of James Henry Trotter & a magical peach

Sep 12th through Sep 28th
Young Performers Theatre, Bldg C

Greens Restaurant

Greens Restaurant and Greens to Go offer fresh local food

Jun 9th through Dec 31st
Greens Restaurant, Bldg A