Painters Gianluca Franzese & Marietta Patricia Leis & Sculptor Giuseppe Palumbo

Presented By

Museo Italo Americano

Museo Italo Americano presents the recent work of two, local Italian-American painters and a local Italian-American sculptor at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. The abstract paintings of Gianluca Franzese and Marietta Patricia Leis exhibit well with the figurative sculptures of Giuseppe Palumbo.

Gianluca Franzese blends continuous patterns of color with dynamic metallic reflections and accents to create paintings that play with perspective. Marietta Patricia Leis mixes multimedia elements, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, and installation art into abstract color and pattern fields that explore boundaries, edges, and limits. While working mainly in bronze, sculptor Giuseppe Palumbo casts humans, animals, and objects in mythological, political, and whimsical tableaus.

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