Dada Here and Now

Through Jun 5th

Drawing from the avant-garde and “anti-art” of the Dada Movement, “Dada Here and Now” will feature works centering on this unique artistic perspective that was developed during the tumultuous time of World War I. An artistic period that pushed boundaries, questioned the status quo, and used art as a means of expression, the Dada Movement — also the overarching theme of this year’s San Francisco International Arts Festival — produced Cubism, Constructivism, Expressionism and Futurism. And the artists, performers, musicians, videographers, and other creative types that will comprise “Dada Here and Now” will use the same boundary-pushing school of thought to create pieces that will challenge, question and explore artistic boundaries of the 21st Century, as Dadaism did in the 20th Century. The opening reception is May 26 at 6 p.m.; admission is free.

“Dada Here and Now” is hosted by Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival, which runs from May 19 – June 5 exclusively at FMCAC. The Festival features over 100 performances by 50 different ensembles, as well as this arts exhibition celebrating 100 years of the Dada Movement. Get discounts on tickets to see multiple shows at the Festival by buying a Festival pass. More details HERE.

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