Parking Lot Art Fair

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Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Apr 30th @ 8:00 a.m.

Looking to add more fun to the art world, Parking Lot Art Fair returns for its second year at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. Happening concurrently with other events at FMCAC, ArtMrkt and Renegade Craft Fair, and the nearby stARTup Fair, the Parking Lot Art Fair features its own twist on the art-centric weekend.

The Parking Lot Art Fair, led by artist/curator/provocateur Jenny Sharaf, will feature works from local, independent artists, and artist-run galleries across the parking lot adjacent to FMCAC. Each artist, or group of artists, will use cars, rental trucks, temporary pseudo-parklets, the space around the vehicles, and more, to transform the concrete lot into a loosely curated art fair.

This year, with support from Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, the fair enters the main gate and into the neighboring Gatehouse; participants and visitors can expect a full day of creative programming. It’ll be a fun a day to celebrate the arts in San Francisco and the vital role artists play in the City. And this year’s event will also feature a stage, four dedicated shipping container exhibitions, a VIP Artist Brunch, a VIP Collector Event, and more.

Free Admission

Please note Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture anticipates thousands of visitors to our campus, attendees are strongly encouraged to take public transit, walk, bike, or take a taxi/rideshare.

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