New Carnatic Music with Gautam Tejas Ganeshan

San Francisco International Arts Festival

May 28th @ 3:00 p.m.

Gautam Tejas Ganeshan‘s authentic voice inserts a modern element into the classical traditions of carnatic music. Associated with southern India, classical carnatic music focuses on the vocals, and Ganeshan’s concerts reflect this traditional aesthetic complete with elaborate structures, extensive improvisations and chamber ensembles.

These performances by Gautam Tejas Ganeshan are hosted by Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC) as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival, which runs from May 25 – June 4 exclusively at FMCAC. The Festival features more than 100 performances by over 60 different artists, ensembles and companies. Get discounts on tickets to see multiple shows at the Festival by buying a Festival pass. More details HERE.

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